Cars Bought For Cash


Please find below more information on how we 'Grade' a vehicle:

Our grading system there to give you a guide price of what your car could potentially be worth. All cars however are valued manually. The reason for this is because it gives us chance to give an exact more acurate price of your car. We aim in every instance to give maximum trade value for every car we purchase.

Grade 1

• Showroom condition  • Low mileage  • Full dealer service history
• No preparation required  • Full Specification from new

Grade 2

• Excellent Condition • Below average miles • Full dealer service history
• Minimal preparation required

Grade 3

• Very good condition • Average mileage
• Full service history (partially by dealer)

Grade 4

• Good condition • Above average miles • Full or partial service history
• Some preparation required.

Grade 5

• Below average condition • High miles • Partial or no service history
• Preparation required.

Prices may be negotiable at point of sale subject to viewing.